Question: What’s the name of the app?
Answer: It’s called Feel Fit.

Question: How to connect the scale with your phone?
Answer:We recommend you to follow the below instruction to connect the app:

1.Please search “Feelfit” in your app store or scan the QR code in the instruction manual to download the app

2.Please open the app and register an user account 

3.Restart your phone and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth. 

a)For Android 6.0 and later version, location needs to be turned on to have access to Bluetooth 

b)For IOS 11 and later version, please make sure you have turned on the Bluetooth both in the central control panel and Bluetooth setting

4.Open the app and connect the device.

a)Tap‘+’at the top right corner, 

b)Slide left to delete the device icon if there's one

c)Tap‘+’at the top right corner again. 

d)Step on the scale slightly until show the device icon in the app.

e)Tap the device icon and you will connect the scale with your phone 

5.Stand on the scale with BARE feet, with each foot touching both the top and bottom electrode

6.Wait for 10-15 seconds for the scale to weigh and for data to sync to the app

7.For a accuracy measurement, please use the scale on a hard and flat surface, please avoid carpet

Question: How to register your app user account?

Answer: We would like to ask you to follow the below instruction to register your app user account.

1.Open your “Feelfit” App

2.Tap “Sign Up”

3.Enter your email address and setup a password, tap next

a)please use a password with 6-16 in length, alphanumeric characters

4.Read the "Terms of Use" and "privacy Policy", Click "Agree"

5.Select your gender

6.Enter your Name

7.Enter your Birthday

a)For IOS System, please scroll down or up to select the year of your birthday

b)For Android System, please tap the year at the top left corner, the year selection will pop up, please scroll down or up to select the year of your birthday

8.Enter your Height

9.If you do exercise a lot, please turn on the athlete mode; otherwise, please keep it off

10.Tap “Confirm” to finish your registration

11.Choose “Connect to Fitbit” if you want to sync your data with Fitbit, or choose “Skip” if not

12.You have successfully registered your app user account 

Question: How to get the best accurate of measurement?
Answer: 1. Please ensure that you input your actual personal information: Birthday, Height, and Gender before using the app.
2. When you stand on the scale and weight the body composition data, please keep your feet bare and clean. Stand on the scale with BARE feet, with each foot touching both the top and bottom electrode. 
3. We recommend you to use it at the same time every day. Better measure in the morning after getting up or 2 hours later after meals. 
In addition, please feel free to contact us so that our technician can help you to check the reason causing such a big difference. We offer our customer lifetime technical support.

Question: Is there a max weight limit for this scale?
Answer: Yes, the max weight limit is 400lbs.

Question: Can you have different profiles ?
Answer: Yes, you can add unlimited user profiles in your app. When you and your family members use the scale, just simply switch the usernames in your app, you will be able to pull out the user profile whichever you want.

Question: Does this sync to more than one phone?
Answer: Yes, it can sync to more than one phone. There is no limit on how many phones you want to sync. You can download the app on multiple phones and register an account in the App. All of your data will show in your App when you log in your account on any phones. One scale can connect with unlimited user accounts and unlimited phones.

Question: What battery size does this need?
Answer: It needs 3 AAA batteries, and the batteries are included in the package.

Question: If my wife wants to just use this as a simple scale without the app, but I use the app, is it possible for her to keep her weight private?
Answer: Yes, as long as the app on your phone is turned off while your wife is measuring her weight, her data will not sync to your phone.

Question: What is the variance between actual weight and scale reading?
Answer: Dear Customer, the normal difference range fo the scale is within 1lb. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns with the scale. Thank you.

Question: What does LO mean?
Answer: Dear Customer, LO means low battery. It is a reminder for changing the batteries.

Question: When used by multiple users, are individual weights private or can everyone see each others results?
Answer: If each user registers the account individually, the data is private. The data will only be shared unless you allow other users to add you as a member or friend on their phone in the app. Otherwise, all the information will only be sent to each individual phone in each individual account when the scale is used. Thank you.
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